Welcome to our new website of DSI Getränkearmaturen.

Dear Customers, we are pleased to present you our new website.
With every development in our internal structures, we intend to improve the way you perceive us. After years of constant improvements, innovation and investments in our company, 2013 has brought about a makeover.

We started with the logo which is, in many ways, a company's business card. Our clever design agency wanted to freshen up its appearance without changing the way it is perceived on the market. Afterwards, we designed a new layout of our site which, as you will see, is very intuitive and easy to browse.

You will find the most useful information for your business: starting with a better understanding of our values, over detailed technical descriptions of our range, to the possibility of getting in touch with the contact person responsible for your field of specialisation.

But we don't want to bore you with many words - just have a look and have fun discovering the world of DSI.

Your team at DSI.

At a glance

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