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DSI Getränkearmaturen

Quality made in Germany

About us

As DSI – Unique Draught Technologies – we are a competent partner and vendor for many international companies in the beverage industry. With our sales representatives and distributors, we are very close to the customer in order to be a reliable partner in all questions and challenges.

Our sister company Taprite (San Antonio, Texas/USA) is your local Contact In the Americas. In 2017, Vinservice from Italy was also added to the Group. Vinservice is your contact in Italy.

In our group, we enable the customer to provide the “One Stop Shop” by supplying all components between beverage containers to the glass.


DSI is part of the stocklisted company Aalberts. Since the inception in 1975, Aalberts is where technology matters and real progress can be made – humanly, financially and environmentally. At Aalberts, we create mission-critical technologies for ground-breaking industries and everyday life. Technologies that enhance our clients’ businesses and keep our planet in good shape.

the Aalberts way
Our pragmatic culture ‘the Aalberts way’ can be summed up in three simple words: winning with people. We are entrepreneurs – we make dreams happen. We take ownership – we deliver on our promises We go for excellence – we push boundaries and challenge the status quo We share and learn – we are not afraid of failure and get better every day. We always act with integrity – leading by example, speaking out when necessary, and being professional in everything we do.

greatness is made of shared knowledge
Just like DSI, all Aalberts companies stand their ground in the engineering and technology world. As the world is changing rapidly and innovation cycles are reduced dramatically, the open and pragmatic internal culture at Aalberts helps us to exchange fresh thinking and to embrace new technologies. Whatever the situation or request is, we put together the right team to change the game. We always want to be where real change happens. Where big ideas come to life and the future is written.

With over 16,000 employees, Aalberts operates approximately 70 business locations and 80 service locations with activities in over 50 countries.
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Quality and environmental policy

The company policy of DSI Getränkearmaturen GmbH follows long term goals. For our company, long term means permanently adjusting to the changing market conditions and customer requirements. Because only via constant satisfaction of our customers, we continue being in a position to operate in a customer oriented way on the market and therefore ensure economic success and retention of jobs. In order that every employee in our company sees customer orientation as the top priority in their daily work, guiding principles are set out as company maxims and announced throughout the whole company.

Customer satisfaction is our greatest asset!
The uppermost goal of all activities in our company is to satisfy the customer’s expectations of our company and our services. This applies to every employee and their workplace and not just the employees in direct contact with the customer.

To us, quality means every customer has the right to the best care!
Quality is the basis for customer satisfaction. It is defined by our customers. Therefore, we must continually develop, with the aim of not only maintaining our previous level, but to further improve it—with regards to our quality and economic viability.

The organisation of our company is oriented towards the needs of our customers!
With efficient organisation of our company, we follow the goals to avoid mistakes, so that our quality standard is maintained and therefore the economic viability of our company is increased. Both factors initially benefit our customers and also ensure a long-term existence for our company and therefore a job for all employees.#

Our qualified team is always motivated and organised!
Our quality primarily depends on the qualifications of our employees who we put in a position to fulfil their tasks independently and to the highest quality through continual training and further training measures. To guarantee a continual increase in quality and economic viability, managers and employees are equally invited to create a working environment and working conditions which have a stimulating and motivating effect on day to day work.

Active environmental awareness is part of a good company!
As our day to day business consists of a multitude of environmentally relevant activities, correct handling of working materials and minimal consumption of environmentally harmful substances is to us a logical matter of course to protect our environment. We commit to strict adherence of all binding obligations, e.g. environmental regulations and rules.
We strive to continually improve the environmental management system, to improve the environmental performance, amongst other things by investigating alternative, more environmentally friendly products and procedures, and the substitution of hazardous substances.
We commit to avoiding waste and environmentally harmful emissions and/or reducing them to a minimum. Environmental impact in relation to use and disposal is considered on procurement.

With every presentation of the company, we also want to represent our environmental policy.

Our sister companies

Taprite MFG., Inc.

3250 Northwestern Drive
San Antonio, TX 78238,

Vin Service srl
Via Giovanni Falcone 26
24050 Zanica BG

Disptek UK
Stirling Road
West Carr Industrial Estate
DN22 7SN

Our trading partner

KEG Service

UL. Walowa 3
51-523 Wroclaw

OJA Handelsagentur & Industrievertretungen

Wortmannsweg 14
44149 Dortmund